About Office of the General Counsel

The General Counsel to the College serves as the College's chief legal officer and oversees all of the legal affairs of the College, including:

  • providing and securing general legal advice to the President and other College Officers, Managers, and department managers on various issues effecting the college
  • advising about the legal implications of College policies/procedures and decision-making
  • reviewing relevant federal and local legislation and regulations to assist the College with meeting its legal obligations
  • overseeing litigation involving the College and managing outside counsel
  • supporting the response to subpoenas and other requests for information

In the fulfillment of its mission, the College engages in extraordinary activities that create inherent risks which have far-reaching impact on mission success. By identifying these institutional level risks, the College is strategically positioned to proactively manage those risks, embrace opportunities, reduce the chance of loss, protect resources, and create stability. The General Counsel to the College also supports the strategic management of institutional risks by counseling those with institutional risk responsibilities about their development of the assessment plans to evaluate, prioritize, mitigate, control, and monitor those risks.