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Watch: Phoenix Mascot Gets New Name at Pep Rally

Watch: Phoenix Mascot Gets New Name at Pep Rally

by Ashley Banks '13

What's in a name? That which we call a Phoenix
By any other name would combust as suddenly.

But what of a Phoenix with no name at all?

Video by Kat Clark '12

Well, that's a different matter entirely. When you have no name, you can't introduce yourself to people, fill out applications, or even play the name game. It's a tragedy. It's a horror. It must be stopped!

Luckily for our dear mascot, the rest of the Swarthmore student body agreed, and the wheels were set into motion for the Phoenix to get a name. Starting last semester, all Swarthmore students were invited to participate in the process of choosing a name.

Instead of arbitrarily choosing any old name for the mascot, the process was broken down into two steps. The first allowed all members of the campus to submit their suggestions for the name, with the students who submitted the best suggestions being rewarded with a stuffed phoenix plushie to call their very own (hopefully they'll decide to name those, as well). A few weeks later, the winners of that round were announced and the remaining name options were put to a vote. After the votes were in, the students and the Phoenix anxiously awaited the results, which were announced at the All-Campus Pep Rally on February 19th.

Phineas celebrates his new name. (photo: June Xie '11)

Students gathered together to support the sports teams and to learn our mascot's new name. A buzz of energy and excitement rippled through the crowd when Sixteen Feet kicked off the evening's events by singing the National Anthem.

The night was filled with music, pretzels, games, slideshows, sports, and free t-shirts, but tension continued to rise as the announcement of the name crept closer. Finally, a video began to play on the projector and the Phoenix filled the screen, looking distraught at his lack of name. The video followed the Phoenix as he went to the Namer of Names in search of help. The Namer of Names told the Phoenix to go to the Tarble Pavilion, where the pep rally took place, and the Phoenix then entered, greeted by much applause from the crowd.

Sadly, the applause did little to cheer the Phoenix up, but he was then met with good news. A name had been chosen! Did he want to know what it was? Almost instantly the crowd quieted down in anticipation to the new name to be revealed. And the name? Phineas!

Students cheered. The Phoenix - or rather, Phineas - did a dance of joy. Our mascot is nameless no more, and Swarthmore's campus is filled with enthusiasm. Enjoy your name, Phineas. It suits you well.