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Watch: Earthlust Produces "Drop it 'Cause It's Hot" Video As Part of 350 Week

Earthlust Produces “Drop it 'Cause It’s Hot” Video
As Part of Environmentally Themed 350 Week

by Michael Lott

Drop it 'Cause It's Hot

From the video: Students affirm
the importance of reusing drink

Earthlust, a student environmental issues group, has produced a video with everyday tips to reduce each person’s carbon footprint. The video, “Drop it ‘Cause It’s Hot,” was created as part of Earthlust’s 350 Week, which saw a series of events ranging from a lecture about the local food movement to a Green Iron Chef competition.

The name of 350 Week refers to 350 parts per million of CO2, what some leading scientists believe is the safe upper limit for atmospheric levels. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the average level in 2008 was 386 ppm. 350 Week was scheduled to end with the International Day of Climate Action, organized by

Hannah Jones '12, an Earthlust member, reflected on the week: "The diversity of entry-points into the environmental movement that were presented [during 350 Week] really highlighted the multi-faceted nature of environmentalism. It is a universal movement."

According to Kat Clark ’12, who shot the video, "Students have worked hard to step up environmental activism on campus this year, and 350 Week was awesome because it engaged so much of the student body. The response was great and we had high attendance at each event. I am especially encouraged by the freshmen involved in Earthlust, Environmental Justice, and Good Food who have brought a new energy to our movement.”