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New Interactive Campus Map Launches in Time for Move-In Day

New Interactive Campus Map
Launches in Time for Move-in Day

by Nancy Nicely


campus map

A detail of the new campus map.


The new interactive campus map, launched in time for move-in day, has a host of new and improved features over its previous incarnations. Perhaps most important, the map makes it easier for visually impaired users who rely on text readers to use and navigate the site. 

"We serve a lot of different constituencies with this map, so we've tried to make all of the information as consistent and complete as possible," says Susan Smythe, ADA program manager.  "This map should be of use whether you are a novice to the College or if you live on campus."

Harnessing the power of Google Maps, the new map also features:

•  an easily navigable list of buildings and destinations

•  well-marked accessible paths and parking areas

•  detailed information - including photos and floor plans indicating the locations of safe waiting areas and accessible entrances and bathrooms - about each campus building

•  a printable version