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Matt Thurm '10 'Goes Halfsies' at Cannes Film Festival

Matt Thurm '10 'Goes
Halfsies' at Cannes Film Festival

by Alisa Giardinelli

Going Halfsies
A scene from Going Halfsies.

Last summer, Matt Thurm '10 made his first movie - a black and white 16mm short that he shot in New York. Last week, Thurm watched in person as his film, Going Halfsies (or Un Homme Galant), screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

The film, which was featured in the festival's Short Film Corner, stars Thrum's parents as a married couple going through the motions. "A husband and wife go halfsies on two sandwiches, but the husband wants his half back," according to the synopsis. "He longs for the lox and cream cheese that sits in his wife's lap, but he can't ask for it back. What's a guy to do?"

"It was pretty cool to have my short included and to be able to watch it at the festival," says Thrum, an honors comparative literature major with minors in film studies and interpretation theory.

Going Halfsies
"It was definitely a nice break between my written and oral exams and a fun opportunity to watch movies before they are released."

Last month, Going Halfsies also received an honorable mention in comedy at the Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival.