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Listen: Political Scientist Darius Rejali '81 Discusses Torture and Democracy

Listen: Political Scientist Darius 
Rejali '81 Discusses Torture and Democracy

by Stacey Kutish

Darius Rejali '81

Darius Rejali '81


Darius Rejali '81, one of the world's leading experts on torture, discusses how democracies change torture, and are changed by it, on a recent "Speaking of Faith," produced by American Public Media. In the hour-long program, he discusses what might deepen public discourse about practices in U.S. military prisons, as well as how to address  the "collective reckoning with consequences" still to come. listen

Iranian-born Rejali, a professor of political science at Reed College, bases his work on unprecedented research conducted over two decades in multiple languages and on several continents. His most recent work, Torture and Democracy (2007), won the 2007 Human Rights Book of the Year Award from the American Political Science Association. more