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Ian Anderson '13 and Davia Temin '74 Team Up to Offer Social Media Advice

Ian Anderson '13 and Davia Temin '74
Team Up to Offer Social Media Advice

by Alisa Giardinelli

Davia Temin '74 and Ian Anderson '13
Davia Temin '74 and Ian Anderson '13

After teaming up this summer to determine the best ways for corporations to market their brands, Ian Anderson '13 and Davia Temin '74 are sharing what they learned. Their 10 "Don'ts" of Corporate Social Media is featured on, with one item on the list published each day (#2: don't act like a robot).

Anderson, an honors political science major and economics minor from Ann Arbor, Mich., initially connected with Temin, the head of a management consulting firm, through an externship last winter. He returned this summer charged with learning "everything" about social media and networking optimization. 

His work has paid off. In addition to co-authoring the Forbes series, Anderson has also made client recommendations, developed best practices for each major social networking site, run a professional twitter account, and presented his research to the firm. 

"The whole experience has been amazing and I can absolutely use what I've learned in future classes," Anderson says. "I know my writing skills, for one, have dramatically improved, and I've gained great experience in gathering huge amounts of data and analyzing it." 

For her part, Temin is equally pleased with the collaboration. "Ian is consistently fabulous," she says. "This has been an incredible gift for both of us."

Anderson plans to continue his work as a social media consultant for Temin & Company from campus this fall.