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Chengetai Mahomva '11 Receives Biophysical Society Travel Award

Chengetai Mahomva '11 Receives Biophysical
Society Travel Award

by Michael Lott

Chengetai Mahomva
Chengetai Mahomva '11

Chengetai Mahomva '11 has been named as a recipient of a Minority Travel Award by the Biophysical Society. The award provides funding for Mahomva to attend the society's annual meeting and present her research, "Characterization of the Ligand-Binding Site of An Autoinducer-2 Receptor Ortholog in Rhizobium Leguminosarum."

The work, conducted in Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Stephen Miller's lab, focuses on understanding quorum sensing, a mechanism that bacteria employ to communicate with each other on a molecular level. Mahomva will be honored at a reception at the meeting, held in February in San Francisco.

Mahomva, a biochemistry major, is from Durban, South Africa. She is a McCabe Scholar and the recipient of a Lang Opportunity Scholarship.


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