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Board of Managers Approves Strategic Planning Process

Board of Managers  
Approves Strategic Planning Process

by Nancy Nicely

board of managers
Dan Symonds '11 joined fellow students and members of the Board of Managers this weekend to discuss the launch of the College's strategic planning process.

At their meeting this past weekend, the Board of Managers approved the launch of a strategic planning process, an endeavor that will bring the community together over the next 15 months to discuss the College's future. The planning process, guided by a Strategic Planning Council comprised of faculty, students, staff, and alumni, will be inspired and influenced by the societal trends likely to shape the direction of higher education, including globalization, technology, changes in knowledge, teaching and learning, and sustainability. 

In a letter to the College community, President Chopp outlined the themes and focus of the work ahead. She also affirmed a commitment to the College's Quaker heritage and values that will guide the process, and noted that "bold thinking" will be necessary throughout. "I know that it is our shared aspiration," she said, "to provide an outstanding academic and residential environment in which Swarthmore students can gain the knowledge, insight, skills, and experience to become leaders in their fields, capable of advancing the common good around the world."