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Alumni Artists Featured in List Gallery Show

Alumni Artists Featured at
List Gallery Show on Campus

by Michael Gluk '12

alumni art show
The Alumni Art Show has been held for over 16 years in response to interest among alums who wish to exhibit their work to their fellow classmates.

Earlier this month, the List Gallery opened its third Alumni Art Show as part of Alumni Weekend. This year's exhibit included artworks by Betty Ladd Glick '61, Michael Rothbart '94, Susan Rudisill '76, and nine members of the Class of 1966: Sarah Van Keuren, Pam Hoffer, Christina Poole, John Wehmiller, Katie Dole, Rachel Folsom, Bill Belanger, Pat Hankins, Tom Grubb, and the late Bruce Cratsley.

Featured artists ranged from full-time professionals to avid amateurs, an impressive demonstration of dedication and talent considering that the College did not offer a formal visual arts program until 1981. One of those artists, Rachel Folsom, advocated for the Alumni Art Show's creation and says that "art was only an extracurricular activity" when she was a student. She ultimately sought formal training at a number of institutions, including L'Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, after graduation and now paints full-time in Massachusetts.

List Gallery director Andrea Packard '85 explains that "partly because [these artists] had to supplement their liberal arts education with technical training from a variety of places," such alumni exhibits are "notable for their passion and spontaneity and celebrate the diversity of alumni creativity."

The List Gallery's next exhibit will feature the work of Orit Hofshi, which includes woodcuts, mixed media pieces, and installation and will open with an artist's lecture on Thurs., Sept. 8, at 4:30 p.m. The exhibit will run until October 22.