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Q&A with Charnelle Hicks '88, Green Urban Planner

Q&A with Charnelle
  Hicks '88, Green Urban Planner

by Alisa Giardinelli

Charnelle Hicks '88

Charnelle Hicks '88


Charnelle Hicks '88 is CEO and president of CHPlanning Ltd., a green, fast-growing Philadelphia-based firm that specializes in responsible land use and redevelopment planning.  In a q&a with the Philadelphia Inquirer, she discusses what prompted her to start her own business and how owning a farm influences her view of open space.

"Swarthmore is all about listening and consensus building, and that's what planning is all about," Hicks says. "The places that I worked as an intern when I was at Swarthmore allowed me to investigate career choices. I saw that people were running businesses and making money and making changes in the world. I wanted to be one of those people."  more