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Prof. Barry Schwartz Calls for Obama to Add Psychologists to Advising Team

Professor Barry Schwartz Suggests
Obama Add Psychologists to Advising Team

by Stacey Kutish

Barry Schwartz

Dorwin P. Cartwright Professor of Social Theory and Social Action Barry Schwartz


In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer commentary, Professor Barry Schwartz says after Barack Obama figures out how to bring the economy out of recession, stabilize financial institutions, end two wars, and get every citizen health insurance, there is something else he should turn his attention to: The United States needs a Council of Psychological Advisers that parallels the Council of Economic Advisers.

"There are many problems that such a council could help solve," he says. "And there are many policy aims articulated by Obama to which such a council could contribute. When economists have the president's ear, all their whispers concern incentives and self-interest. We need psychologists whispering in his other ear." more

Schwartz's work explores the social and psychological effects of free-market economic institutions on moral, social, and civic concerns. His books include The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less and The Costs of Living: How Market Freedom Erodes the Best Things in Life.