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Political Scientist Ben Berger Reflects on Recent Political Season

Political Scientist Ben Berger 
Reflects on Recent Political Season

by Stacey Kutish

Ben Berger

Ben Berger

Assistant Professor of Political Science Ben Berger describes the recent political season as the "perfect storm" for someone who teaches political engagement through community action. "This was a magical time to be on a college campus," he says in a recent profile. " The students were so energized. We had a voter registration coalition on campus and went to Chester and Clifton Heights where the people really welcomed us. The students felt much more involved in the 2008 election than the past. Sometimes there is a sense of cynicism with young people, but this year was different. Most, but not all of them, felt Obama was 'their guy.' They were all psyched to be part of what was going on."  more

Berger is an authority in modern political theory, with special concentration on the work of Alexis de Tocqueville and Hannah Arendt. His expertise extends beyond theory to the practice of democratic politics: citizen participation, civic engagement, ethics in politics, and the advantages as well as challenges of community-based learning.