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Philosophy Professor Baker Wins Bronze Medal at International Shogi Championship

Philosophy Professor Alan Baker Wins
Bronze Medal at International Shogi Festival  

by Alisa Giardinelli

Alan Baker

Alan Baker receives his bronze medal at the televised award ceremony.


Associate Professor of Philosophy Alan Baker won the bronze medal at the triennial International Shogi Festival held last month in Tendo, Japan. Baker, the reigning U.S. champion, beat the women's amateur world champion and the four-time European champion before losing to the eventual winner.  The  tournament featured 40 players from 21 countries.

"Shogi is a distant cousin of western chess," Baker says. "They both trace their origins back to the ancient Indian game of chaturanga. The game looks very different from chess since shogi pieces are all the same flat shape and are covered with Chinese calligraphy. However, the aim is the same as chess - to checkmate the opposing king." more