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Mathemetician Steve Wang Honored for Excellence in Statistics Education

Steve C WangAssociate Professor of Statistics Steve C. Wang was honored recently by the American Statistical Association (ASA) for national excellence in statistics education. "Steve has an extraordinary ability to make statistics meaningful and relevant to his students and to general public audiences," according to the ASA. "His use of examples and information from popular culture is one of the hallmarks of his teaching. Recognizing that students have different learning styles, he incorporates mulitple modes of instruction on any given topic into his courses, including words, formulas and hands-on experiences. His students routinely describe his classes as a transformative experience." more

Wang's innovative study of Major League Baseball managers appeared last spring in the New York Times. He also received international attention for a study that predicted that most of the world's dinosaurs have yet to be discovered and that 75 percent of them will be unearthed in the next 60 to 100 years.