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Global Health Forum Kicks Off Minus Malaria Effort with Variety Show

Global Health Forum Kicks Off
Anti-Malaria Effort with Variety Show 

by Maryanne Tomazic '09

Global Health Forum

Global Health Forum members continue drive for insecticide-treated bed nets to fight malaria. (photo by Mark Mai '09)

The members of Global Health Forum (GHF) kicked off their Spring '09 anti-malaria campaign with their first annual variety show. The lineup included student groups such as Mixed Company, the Balkan Brass Band, Essence of Soul, Rhthym N' Motion, Capoiera, the Mariachi Band, Sixteen Feet, and Vertigo-go. With suggested donations at $2-5, GBH raised $615.71 for insecticide-treated bed nets. This week, GHF members are tabling at Sharples and Parrish Hall for additional donations, all of which will also be used to buy bed nets. GHF is currently working with Against Malaria to purchase nets that will be distributed to communities in malaria endemic regions. The goal: $5000 for 1000 bed nets. This initiative follows their prior successful efforts to raise $7000 for similar bed nets in Kampala, Uganda.

GHF recently won a Pericles Grant to create the Minus Malaria Initiative (MMI), a collegiate movement for malaria education and activism. They are currently working with several colleges across the U.S. in sponsoring MMI events and chapters. They hope to also partner with an organization in Sierra Leone to focus the bed net distribution in one country.

Global Health Forum

Members of Sixteen Feet performed at GHF's variety show. ((photo by Tasha Lewis '12)

GHF holds weekly open meetings on Sundays at 9 p.m. in the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. If you are interested in setting up an MMI chapter in your hometown or have questions about GHF, please contact Maryanne.Tomazic [at] GlobalHealthForum [dot] org.  

Eugene M. Lang '38 and the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College created the Swarthmore Project Pericles Fund in 2005. The purpose of the Fund is to support groups of Swarthmore students who propose and implement social and civic action projects whose scope and sustainability will advance solutions for the issues in question and also promote recognition of students' motivation and capability to address such major issues effectively.