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Gay Marriage and Black Vote Not Predictable, Says Timothy Stewart-Winter '01

Gay Marriage and Black Vote Not
  Predictable, Says Timothy Stewart-Winter '01 

by Alisa Giardinelli

Conventional wisdom suggests African Americans will vote against gay marriage when it is put to a vote in California on Nov. 4. In a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed, Timothy Stewart-Winter '01 says not to be so sure.

Timothy Stewart-Winter '01

Timothy Stewart-Winter '01


"To guess how someone will vote on gay marriage, find out their age, gender, party affiliation, and how often they go to church," says Stewart-Winter, the James C. Hormel Fellow in Lesbian and Gay Studies at the University of Chicago. "Compared with these factors, race has a much smaller, more complex effect." more

Stewart-Winter says it was while an honors history major at Swarthmore that he decided to pursue graduate work in modern American history with a focus on the politics of gender and sexuality. "In the classroom, and by their own example, my professors taught me that it's possible to do scholarly work that is both ethically engaged and uncompromisingly rigorous," he says.

The connection between Stewart-Winter's undergraduate and graduate work is made even stronger by his Hormel fellowship, named for a member of Swarthmore's Class of 1955 and fellow history major with whom he once attended a campus meeting as a student. Stewart-Winter is also the recipient of  a Mellon Foundation/American Council of Learned Societies dissertation completion fellowship.