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Engineering Students' Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle Featured in Wired

Engineering Students' Hydrogen-
Powered Motorcycle Featured in Wired

by Alisa Giardinelli

Andreas Pacheco and Alex Bell/>

Andres Pacheco '09 and Alex Bell '09 with their rebuilt bike in front of Parrish Hall


"Ugly and slow, but still pretty cool." That's how Wired describes the motorcycle built by Andres Pacheco '09 and Alex Bell '09 for an engineering class project. Their goal: to use the vehicle as a "point of comparison to other technologies in terms of efficiency, range, and speed" and to use real world data to "evaluate the viability of a hydrogen economy."  more 

Alex, an engineering major from New York City, and Andres, an engineering and economics major from Caracas, Venezuela, filmed their early test runs over winter break. Although it wasn't running at full power, they agreed it was "still satisfying to see two years of work rolling down the road."