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A Message from President Bloom to the Swarthmore Community

A Message from President
Bloom to the Swarthmore Community



President Alfred H. BloomMany of you have been asking what I plan to do next year. I am pleased to share the news that I have accepted the position of Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi, with full responsibilities to begin in August, 2009. I am charged with building a selective liberal arts college as well as a graduate school and research institute of highest quality in Abu Dhabi, to serve as a world center of learning and intellectual advance in the Middle East. The project enjoys the full support in vision and resources of the Abu Dhabi government. We will recruit exceptional students and faculty from around the globe, and the Abu Dhabi campus will be the first, alongside NYU New York, of several campuses worldwide to be linked into a single global university. My 30 years at Swarthmore, thinking and working with you, provide a remarkable foundation for this endeavor. I thank you for that and look forward to completing a wonderful final year together.

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