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War News Radio Continues Broadcasts Over Summer

War News Radio 
Continues Broadcasts Over Summer 

by Zoe Lewicki '11

At their first meeting last Tuesday, four War News Radio (WNR) veterans and three new interns decided their summer schedule. The program, which provides balanced and in-depth reporting, historical perspective, and personal stories on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is now in its third year.

Liz Hipple '10

Liz Hipple '10


Liz Hipple '10 just started working for War News Radio this summer as one of those interns.  "It's amazing that I am a college student in Pennsylvania, but am able to report on international news happening half way around the world," she says.

This Friday's show will concern the rising food prices around the world, something that affects both Iraqis and Americans. With her partner, Liz plans to look at the ways in which both retailers and consumers are reacting to this phenomenon and hopes to interview a grocery store owner to get a more personal perspective on the daily inflation.

To find contacts in Iraq, Liz says that the interns look for articles concerning their topic in larger newspapers like the New York Times. They then search for names mentioned. The students who work for WNR have also compiled a fairly extensive rolodex of contacts after three years of building up the station. Liz says they try not to use the same people in different stories, and that contacts on the list can redirect them to other potential interviewees.

Liz is a political science major and does not know if she will pursue journalism in the future. However, she realizes the benefits of working for WNR.  "I think that this experience will help me develop skills that will be useful in anything," she says. "I can't think of anything that could build confidence more than calling people I don't know halfway around the world and asking them for an interview."

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