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Swarthmore Theater and Groups Formed By Its Alumni Share Strong Connection

Swarthmore Theater Dept. and Groups Formed
By Its Alumni Share Strong Connection

by Nancy Nicely

The strong links that exist between Swarthmore's theater department and the groups established by its alumni - including Pig Iron Theatre Company, Green Chair Dance Group, and Stolen Chair Theatre Company - are featured in the current issue of Back Stage, a major source of news and information on the performing arts.

Pig Iron Theatre Company with Suzann-Lori Parks 

"From freshman year on, you're exposed to the successful theatre companies which have come out of the College," says Jon Stancato '02, one of Stolen Chair's artistic directors, in the article. After graduating, he wanted to continue in the collaborative vein of his college years, so he sought out his classmates. "We know if we sit down to chat with a collaborator from Swarthmore, we're starting on the same page." 

Pig Iron Theatre Company with award-winning author Suzann-Lori Parks.

"Almost all of the programs to which we are compared in the article are BFA/MFA conservatory programs, not undergraduate liberal arts schools," says Swarthmore Professor and Chair of Theater Allen Kuharski. "So the work of our former students is discussed alongside that of the graduates of major drama schools." more


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