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Swarthmore Cited for Educating for Responsibility

Swarthmore Cited for Educating for Responsibility

by Nancy Nicely

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Swarthmore is cited in Responsibility at Work, a new book that examines how effectively institutions  demonstrate their committment to ethics and responsibility.    As described in Inside Higher Ed, the book includes an in-depth study of 10 highly regarded colleges and universities:

"For all of them, researchers conducted in-depth interviews with faculty and administrators about their views of institutional mission and teaching the idea of responsibility, and then did a survey of students to see how they saw their institutions providing guidance.

"Three institutions - Morehouse, Mount St. Mary's and Swarthmore College - were clearly different from the others in terms of students actually experiencing at high levels the values that the faculty and administrators thought they were passing along. While those three are all relatively small liberal arts institutions, the larger group of 10 included other sectors of higher education." Read the complete article.


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