Martin Carrillo '97 Honored by Los Angeles Area Theater Community

Martin Carrillo '97 Honored by 
Los Angeles Theater Community

by Alisa Giardinelli

Martin Carrillo '97

Martin Carrillo '97 received a 2007 Ovation Award for his work on Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings


Martin Carrillo '97 will receive a 2008 Garland Award at a ceremony later this month in Southland for his sound design of  Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings.  The production, described by one critic as an "epic fusion of musical theatre, opera, martial arts, and even world-class anime," featured a diverse set of musical styles, including operatic, rock, Broadway, electronic techno, and Asian drumming.  Carrillo's work, noted by some as "eerie" and "decibel-shattering," also garnered him an Ovation Award, his second.  Carrillo is principal sound designer for Current Television's "SuperNews," an animated series that takes a satirical look at U.S. politics.