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Anna Headley '03 Leads Award-Winning Team at Phila. 48 Hour Film Project

Anna Headley '03 Leads Award-
Winning Team at Phila. 48 Hour Film Project

by Alisa Giardinelli


A scene from Utopikron

Composers Corey Mark '02 and Erik Osheim '03 won best musical score for their team's entry in Philadelphia's 48 Hour Film Project.  More than 50 local teams participated in this year's festival, in which members choose a genre out of a hat and then are given three required elements - a character, a line of dialogue, and a prop - to include in a film they have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and score. 

"Our team drew the genre sci-fi," says team leader and producer/director Anna Headley '03. "The required elements were a dishwasher named Ira Livingston, the line, 'You better double check,' and a wrench. We used them to create the somewhat strange Utopikron, a Wellsian/Lovecraftian-style sci-fi story about a disgruntled dishwasher who finds a happy-making machine."

In addition to Mark and Osheim, Headley's Swarthmore-centric team, You Kill Me You Face My Ghost, included Dan Consiglio '03, writer; Kate Duffy '05, writer/editor; physics post-doc Tim Gray '01, location and post-sound; Michael Kappeler, line producer and the College's web projects content coordinator; and Joanna Wright '08, actor. Emma Ferguson, a Haverford College sophomore, also served as production designer.

"Our team was so great to work with - just full of talented, hardworking folks with a good sense of when to have fun and when to be serious," says Headley, a technical services specialist in McCabe Library. "This was the first time any of us had competed in an event like this and we had a great time! I can't wait to work with these folks again soon, and hopefully in next year's 48hfp."


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