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World AIDS Day Events

For Immediate Release: November 22, 2006
Contact: Alisa Giardinelli
(610) 690-5717


World AIDS Day Events at Swarthmore


Swarthmore is hosting a series of events in the days leading up to World AIDS Day on Fri., Dec. 1.

Tues., Nov. 28

William Bonnez (left) and Robert Rose, both instrumental in developing a vaccine that prevents HPV infection, and both associate professors of medicine at the University of Rochester, will give the Sigma Xi lecture at 8 p.m. in Science Center 101.

Bonnez will provide a general overview of the virus, the causative agents of uterine cervical cancer, genital warts, and other diseases. He will discuss the frequency and economic burden of these conditions, how the virus is transmitted, the natural history of infection, and current methods utilized for prevention and treatment.

Rose will describe the development, from the laboratory bench to the clinical world, of the recently approved HPV virus-like particle vaccine that has demonstrated efficacy in preventing the precursor lesions of cervical cancer and other genital cancers, as well as genital warts, in women.

Wed., Nov. 29

Christopher Coleman, assistant professor of nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, will discuss his research with HIV-infected heterosexual men and African American men who have sex with men at 4:15 p.m. in the Scheuer Room. An open house and dinner will immediately follow in the Black Cultural Center.

Thurs., Nov. 30

Worth Health Center Director Linda Echols will lead an information session on the HPV virus and vaccine at 7 p.m. in Kohlberg 226.


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