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Swarthmore Hosts Gates Millennium Scholars Program


Swarthmore Hosts Gates Millennium Scholars Program


The Gates Millennium Scholars Advisory Council will meet at Swarthmore for the first time this week. The Council's work will include a review of the scholarship selection process for 2007, reports on the performance of students supported by the scholarship program, and discussion of policies for determining scholarship awards.

 "The most rewarding aspect of serving on the Council is knowing that the program will help 20,000 high achieving, talented, financially needy young men and women to pursue their dreams of a college education at any institution, public or private, that is fortunate enough to enroll them," says Dean James Larimore, a Council member since the program's founding in 1999. "It is striking just what a difference has been made in their lives by virtue of the affirmation and encouragement they've experienced by being selected for this scholarship. These are extraordinary young people who will do much good in the world." So far, Swarthmore has enrolled several Gates Scholars, including five currently.

Larimore introduced himself to first-year students and the College community in August, the beginning of his tenure at Swarthmore.



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