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Longtime Astronomy Professor Wulff Heintz Dies

For Immediate Release:  June16, 2006
Contact:  Alisa Giardinelli    

Longtime Astronomy Professor Wulff Heintz Dies


Professor Emeritus  of Astronomy Wulff Dieter Heintz, a tireless and prolific researcher and a major contributor to his field, died on June 10 at the age of 76. Renowned on campus and in the community for his passion for star-gazing and his long nights at work in the College's Sproul Observatory, Heintz has been celebrated in several newspaper articles since his death.

Associate Professor of Astronomy Eric Jensen remembers Heintz as a prolific scientist with a great love of observing.  "He was always ready to share his time to educate people about the telescope and its discoveries," he said, "whether it was the public visiting during open observatory nights, students learning how to use a telescope for the first time, or professional colleagues inquiring about the many observations made here by Wulff over the years."

His friend and colleague, Centennial Professor Emeritus of Physics Oleksa Bilaniuk, recalls that, "Wulff was a paragon of scientific and personal integrity. His ostensibly punctilious demeanor concealed a wealth of subtle humor."  Bilaniuk also remembers him as a "superb chess player" whose two books on the subject "were quite popular in Germany."

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