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Steering Committee

The steering committee of faculty, staff, and students worked through 2012-13 to identify the contents of the Periodic Review Report, which was drafted in the summer and fall of 2013.


  • Jessica Duah Adomako '13
  • Diane Anderson
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Education
  • Christine Costello '06
    Associate Dean of Admissions
  • Catherine Crouch
    Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy and Natural Sciences and Engineering Division Chair
  • Dawei (David) Ding '16
  • Maurice Eldridge '61 
    Vice President for College and Community Relations and Executive Assistant to the President
  • Richard Eldridge
    Professor of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Programs Chair
  • Stephen Golub
    Professor of Economics and Social Sciences Division Chair
  • Jennifer Magee
    Associate Director for Student Programs and Training, Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility
  • Grace Ledbetter
    Associate Professor of Classics and Philosophy
  • Eileen Petula
    Assistant Vice President and Controller
  • Patricia Reilly (Co-Chair)*
    Associate Provost and Associate Professor of Art History
  • Robin Huntington Shores (Co-Chair)
    Director of Institutional Research
  • Robert Weinberg
    Professor and Acting Chair of History
  • Thomas Whitman '82 
    Associate Professor of Music and Humanities Division Chair

* In summer 2013 Richard Wicentowski, Associate Provost for Educational Programs and Associate Professor of Computer Science, undertook the continuing work on the Periodic Review Report in place of Patricia Reilly, whose role became Associate Provost for Faculty Development.