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About the Periodic Review Report

Magill Walk

The Middle States Periodic Review Report [pdf] (PRR) is required to be relatively brief (about 50 pages) and include:

1) An executive summary

2) A summary description of the institution's responses to recommendations from the previous evaluation and to Commission actions

3) A brief narrative identifying the institution's major challenges and/or current opportunities

4) Analysis of enrollment and finance data for the period covered by the institution's strategic plan (but not less than the current year and three future years), including enrollment and fiscal trends from the three previous years and assumptions upon which projections are based.

5) Evidence of sustained and organized processes to assess institutional effectiveness and student learning, and evidence that the results of such processes are being used to improve programs and services and to inform planning and resource allocation decisions

6) Evidence that linked institutional planning and budgeting processes are in place

Three evaluators (two external reviewers and a finance associate) appointed by the Commission will review the 2014 PRR along with the report of the evaluation team from our 2009 Self-Study. (PRR reviewers do not visit the campus or interact with us.)   They will then make a recommendation to the Commission regarding our continued accreditation.

June 1, 2014 - The College submits our Periodic Review Report and other required materials (e.g. financial documents).

Aug 2, 2014 - Reviewers reports are made available to the Commission and to the College.

Sept 1, 2014 - The College may offer a response to the Reviewers' report.

Oct, 2014 - Commission "PRR Committees" meet to review and discuss all materials.  (PRR reviewers participate; the institution does not.)

Nov-Dec, 2014 - Commission communicates its final accreditation decision to the institution, stating the precise action it has taken, including any follow-up required of the institution.