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Apply for a Minor or Special Major in Islamic Studies

apply for minor or special major
  1. Sophomore Plan of Study Cover Sheet [PDF].
  2. Sophomore Plan of Study Statement: This statement should give the Islamic Studies Program some sense of what interests you in Islamic Studies as a special major or minor and some sense of other academic interests that may be important to you (e.g., other components of your program [majors, minors] ). This statement is a way for us to get to know something about your interests in the field of Islamic Studies, and may prompt us to make suggestions about your program or to keep you in mind as we think of opportunities that may be of interest to you. A statement in the range of three-quarters of a page, to a page in length (double-spaced) is generally sufficient. The Islamic Studies Coordinator is available to read drafts of Sophomore Plan of Study Statements.
  3. Semester By Semester Course Planning Sheet [PDF]: This includes
    1. a listing of current and past eligible courses, and
    2. a working list of eligible courses to be taken in future semesters.
    We understand that there may be changes to this list, but your tentative list of courses gives us a sense of how you are planning your program at this point. If you are planning to pursue off-campus study for a semester or a year, please note this as well.
  4. Honors Application Form [PDF] (if applying for Honors).
  5. The Sophomore Plan Part II [PDF], an opportunity to intentionally name and plan for a non-academic goal.

    For more detailed information visit the Registrar's Sophomore Plan of Study.

    If you have any questions, would like to discuss your Sophomore Plan of Study, or need forms signed, please contact Tariq al-Jamil, Islamic Studies Program Coordinator (