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CIO Message

Greetings!  Thanks for visiting the Swarthmore College Investment Office website.

The Investment Office has the privilege of overseeing the College’s $2.7 billion endowment (June 30, 2023 market value). While many see the endowment as purely an investment vehicle, it is in reality the manifestation of the College’s multi-generational vision.  It is a contract with past donors, a source of present strength, and a promise of the College’s continued educational leadership into the future. The endowment is the result of decades of donor generosity, strong investment performance, and spending practices that carefully balance current and future needs.

The endowment provides critical financial support for the College; currently, approximately 55% of the College’s operating budget is funded by the endowment distribution. For fiscal year 2022-2023, this amounted to $111.2 million.

The Investment Office works collaboratively with the College’s Investment Committee; you can learn more about the Investment Committee here.  

The Investment Office is a small, collaborative team that employs a generalist approach. Our team members and leadership team biographies can be found here.

If you represent an investment manager that would like to begin a dialogue, please contact us here. Prospective managers should note that the endowment invests in funds and currently does not co-invest or invest in companies directly. Further, the endowment is globally diversified and mature across all asset classes, and the Investment Office takes a long-term approach towards relationship building and employs a low turnover style. As such, capacity for new relationships is limited. 

Thank you for spending some time learning about the endowment and the Investment Office. I am personally grateful to be able to support such an outstanding mission.

Frank Grunseich
Chief Investment Officer