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Spiritual Wellness

tree in the sunlight

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness can mean many things, but it is an integral part of the overall health and well-being of individual bodies, souls, and minds. College can be a great time to explore what spiritual wellness means to you, as an individual, and you can cultivate practices of spiritual wellness in your own daily life. 

Signs of Spiritual Wellness

  • Love and belonging
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Meaning
  • Gratitude
  • Identity
  • Rest or mindfulness

Exploring Spiritual wellness

Whatever your definition of spirituality, the basis of spiritual wellness is being able to identify meaning in your life and to find ways to create, enhance, and foster that sense of meaning.  Some find spiritual purpose and meaning through religious faith and beliefs, some through nature, some through mindfulness, some through personal relationships. Above all, spiritual wellness helps every person to face and overcome the challenges in life and to find peace.
Resources for cultivating spiritual wellness: The Interfaith Center has created a list of resources, including practices, blog, websites, and apps that may assist with the cultivation of spiritual wellness. 

talk to someone about spiritual wellness

Students can make individual appointments with any of the Interfaith Center advisors, no matter what their faith, including no faith at all. Religious advisors' contact information is listed on the Interfaith Center page.