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Common Worship Room

Bond Hall

The Common Worship Room, located on the second floor of Bond Hall, is available to student groups for religious services, prayer, and meditation, text study, discussions, and meetings.

Please follow the guidelines below for reserving or using the Common Worship Room:

  • Students are asked to respect the space as one that is used for sacred purposes by many different groups.
  • We strive to maintain a space that is religiously neutral when not in use by a particular group. Any religious iconography or paraphernalia must be stored in the closed cabinets.
  • The use of alcohol, candles, or incense is limited to religious purposes and must be cleared by one of the religious advisors.

  • Please leave the Common Worship Room as you found it, removing books, songs sheets, and stray papers.  
  • Furniture should be returned to its original position after use.

The room may be reserved during open times through the 25Live portal.