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CITI Training for Non-Swarthmore Investigators

Much like our Swarthmore investigators, all external investigators (e.g., key research personnel) including Co-Investigators, research assistants) engaging in human subject research are required by the College to complete and maintain training requirements relevant to the type of research being conducted. To satisfy this requirement, Swarthmore College offers the “Social & Behavioral Research” course at no cost to external investigators collaborating with Swarthmore investigators.

While the IRB encourages these external investigators to complete the Swarthmore “Social & Behavioral Research” course, the IRB will accept any CITI training course which is equivalent to the Swarthmore module content (note: the IRB will make the final determination as to which training will be accepted; consult with the IRB before submitting).  However, if an external researcher wishes to complete the Swarthmore “Social & Behavioral Research” course, they may do so by either: creating a new CITI account (only do this if you do not already have an account) or by affiliating an existing CITI account with Swarthmore College in order to access the Swarthmore courses.

Note: the College recognizes that in some cases the formal CITI training may not be a reasonable expectation for some external investigators to complete (e.g., CITI is not available in a language the investigator is fluent in or the internet is not available in the location of the researcher). In the event the formal CITI training is not a reasonable expectation, an alternative training may be possible. To determine if such an alternative is appropriate email the IRB,, a brief summary of the research, the role the investigator will serve in the research, the reason(s) why the formal CITI training is not a reasonable expectation to pursue, and parameters of what may be reasonable training for the investigator (e.g., informal training presented by the PI to the external investigator).