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Human Subject Research Training

The Swarthmore “Social & Behavioral Research” course is made up of 14 modules and satisfies the training requirement for human subject researchers at Swarthmore College. The course is comprised of the following modules:

Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction
Students in Research
History and Ethical Principles – SBE
Defining Research with Human Subjects – SBE
The Regulations - SBE
Assessing Risk – SBE
Informed Consent – SBE
Privacy and Confidentiality – SBE
Research with Prisoners – SBE
Research with Children – SBE
Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools – SBE
International Research – SBE
Internet Research – SBE
Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human Subjects

Once all modules within a course are finished, a completion report is generated and is saved under the user’s CITI account.