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Honors Program

Parrish Hall
For Honors 2009, 114 students and 147 examiners discussed and evaluated 456 exams, theses, and special projects.
Spring flowers bloom and warm breezes stir the air as another academic year draws to a close at Swarthmore. But first, seniors participating in the Honors Program must face written and oral evaluations by examiners who are among the best in their areas of expertise. It is an exciting and demanding time for honors seniors and examiners alike. 

The Honors Program - first modeled on the tutorial system at Oxford University - was created in 1922 under the leadership of Frank Aydelotte, the College's seventh president. Revised several times since its establishment, the latest revision in 1994 added flexibility and new disciplines to the program. 

For honors examiners who were also honors graduates, the end of the academic year is an especially poignant time. Reflecting on their two-fold experiences (and in two instances, three- and four-fold experiences) with the Honors Program are: Wendy Cadge '97, David Chapman '82, Pamela Kyle Crossley '77, Rachel Evadne Goodhue '93, Jeffrey Hart '69, Alexander Huk '96, Leonard Nakamura '69, Richard Mansbach '64, Stephen Maurer '67, Christina Hull Paxson '82, Thomas Roby '85, and Tara Zahra '98.