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Special Needs

Wayfinding for Blind and Low Vision Travelers

This wayfinding service is designed to assist blind and low vision travelers in becoming familiar with walking routes on campus, and to navigate desired routes with the support of an accessible narrative mapping system. Over 100 detailed route directions have been compiled in a searchable database.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking spaces are located in the Dupont Parking Lot, on College Avenue near Parrish Hall, and in front of Clothier Hall. Only vehicles with special accessibilities placards and/or license plates can park in the designated areas; all others will be towed. 

Mobility Needs Services

The following vendors may be of assistance:

  • Scootaround rents mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and powerchairs and provides delivery and pickup. Visit or call 1-888-441-7575 for more information.
  • Rios Pharmacy rents wheelchairs by prior arrangement. Call 610-543-1858 for more information.
  • Main Line Medical Supplies rents wheelchairs by prior arrangement. Call 610-734-0800 for more information.

This is a courtesy listing of available rentals for individuals who may include faculty/staff/community members and visitors. However, Swarthmore College makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, about the accommodations or safety of the rental opportunities. It is the responsibility of each party to ensure him/herself, prior to making arrangements, that he or she is comfortable with the rental arrangement and with the other party involved. Swarthmore College makes no representation about either party choosing to participate in the arrangements determined, and will make no attempt to intervene if conditions agreed upon by both parties are not agreed to.

By choosing to add a rental to this courtesy listing or by accepting a copy of the listing you are agreeing to release Swarthmore College, its agents and employees including members of the board of managers, directors and officers, administration, faculty, and staff from any claims or liabilities for personal injuries or other damages incurred as a result of such participation, whether or not resulting from their negligence.