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An Ode to Bio II page 4
eing team-taught is another great part of Bio 002. Because each professor specializes in a sub-topic of biology - marine biology, ecology, animal behavior, evolution, among others - they bring into their lectures a taste of their own field. The passion they exude while showing us how the course is applicable in their own research livens up the atmosphere and makes biology a lot more fun. Bio 002 has also allowed us to get a great sense of the Department and 'preview' professors we might have if we choose to take more advanced courses.

Taking an introductory course at Swarthmore is not a boring experience. I've talked to my friends at other colleges and universities and they complain of their dry intro classes, where grades are based solely on memorization and professors grudgingly teach classes overflowing with students. Introductory classes here serve as windows into the field, providing students with a taste of what more advanced study would be like. They also remind students how, no matter what major they choose, every field of study here at Swat is applicable to overall enlightenment. Every field ultimately encourages and promotes the active seeking of truth and hopes to cultivate a social responsibility within each student.


Lesser Celandine, one of William Wordsworth's inspirations and an invasive species taking over the Crum Woods floor.

Can you find the salamander? 

A Northern Leopard Frog at the side of the Crum Creek, usually nocturnal.

Water striders skate on the surface tension of the water because they are covered with minute hairs.

The great diversity of the Crum.

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