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RA Coordinator

Research Assistants

Lizi Cifuentes '14


Lizi is a senior majoring in neuroscience. She has been working in the ERP lab since the spring of her junior year. In addition to working in the lab, she loves to run, cook, and read.
Lizi Cifuentes '14

Tommy Laux '14


Tommy is a psychology major, who has been working in the lab since January 2013. In his free time he likes to study medicine and health, play gaga, eat cheese, and obsess over fantasy football.
Tommy Laux '14

Margaret Lawlace '14


Maggie (or Margaret, depending on when you met her) is a psychology major. Her favorite thing to do is walk her dog. She also likes watching TV and drawing.
Margaret Lawlace '14

Casey MacNamara-Ferrara '14


Casey is a linguistics and psychology double major. She is interested in studying language comprehension, pragmatics, bilingualism, and signed languages, though she has no idea what she wants to do. Outside of research, she enjoys theater, deaf studies, and pretending to play instruments.
Casey MacNamara-Ferrara '14

Morgan Williams '14



Frank Durgin

Elizabeth and Sumner Hayward Professor of Psychology

Psychology, Cognitive Science and Neuroscience


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8678
  2. Office: Whittier Hall 212
  3. Lab: Whittier Hall 202

Interests: Human visual cognition and perceptual learning; eye-movements and attention; adaptation; depth perception; representation of number; computer modeling and simulation of cognitive processes.

Office Hours: Students can schedule appointments with Professor Durgin through Google Calendar at:

Daniel Grodner

Associate Professor (on leave Spring 2019)

Psychology and Cognitive Science


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8436
  2. Office: Whittier Hall 220
  3. Lab: Whittier Hall 002S

Interests: Human language understanding: pragmatics and conversational inferencing; sources of linguistic complexity; structural ambiguity resolution.

Office Hours: By email-appointment (dgrodne1). 


Professor Paul Thibodeau

Dept. of Psychology, Oberlin College


Interests: Metaphor and mental representations.


Former RAs


Alice Laughlin

Hannah Martin

Eliza Polli

Eugene Prymack

Kevin Roberts

Lauren Sanchez

Cassandra Strawser

Ariel Swyer

Hilary Traut

Eddie Zhang