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Frank Durgin

Elizabeth and Sumner Hayward Professor

Program Coordinator, Cognitive Science

Psychology and Neuroscience

Cognitive Science


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8678
  2. Maxine Frank Singer '52 Hall 204
  3. Maxine Frank Singer '52 Hall 351

Interests: Human visual cognition and perceptual learning; eye-movements and attention; adaptation; depth perception; representation of number; computer modeling and simulation of cognitive processes.

Office Hours: Students can schedule appointments with Professor Durgin through Google Calendar at:

Frank Durgin

Dan Grodner

Associate Professor

Department Chair, Psychology


Cognitive Science


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8436
  2. 220

Interests: Human language understanding: pragmatics and conversational inferencing; sources of linguistic complexity; structural ambiguity resolution.

Office Hours: By email-appointment (dgrodne1)

Daniel Grodner

Alumni (Former RAs)

  • Lizi Cifuentes '14
  • Alice Laughlin
  • Tommy Laux '14
  • Margaret Lawlace '14
  • Casey MacNamara-Ferrara '14
  • Hannah Martin
  • Eliza Polli
  • Eugene Prymack
  • Kevin Roberts
  • Lauren Sanchez
  • Cassandra Strawser
  • Ariel Swyer
  • Hilary Traut
  • Morgan Williams '14
  • Eddie Zhang