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Gender Neutral Restrooms

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Gender Neutral, Single-Occupancy Restrooms in campus buildings
Building Location
Beardsley near 217 & 220
Clothier inside ICC & outside TIC on 2 nd flr.
Cloisters near 126
Cornell in library
Hicks 111
Kohlberg Hall near 117
Lamb-Miller Field House near Room 20
Lang Center lounge
Lang Music Building Outside of the Intermediary level
LPAC 217
McCabe Library 2 nd floor
Martin 212
Mullan Tennis Center Fitness area
Old Tarble 1st floor
Parrish near Rm.14
Pearson near 114
Papazian 115, 308
Robinson House 2 nd floor
Science Center 237 & 302
Service Bldg. main hallway
Sharples 1st floor
Sproul 005, 105A, 106
Trotter 1 st floor
West House 104
Women's Resource Center in building
Worth Health Center lobby
Dorms Location
Alice Paul Dorm near 123
Dana Danawell trailor
Hallowell Danawell trailor
Kyle in house
Mary Lyon lounge
Mertz Not public
Palmer Not public
Pittenger Not public
Roberts in suites
Wharton C Basement
Willets lobby
Woolman hallway
Worth J lounge