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Project Timeline

Current Timeline

June 2020

Construction on Phase 1, the Dining Center, begins with site enabling and includes the removal of trees and plantings to the south and west of Sharples, the installation of temporary walkways, and the demolition of 5 Sharples Lane. 

June 2020

Design process begins for Phase 2, Sharples Commons, the community common space.

July 2020

Storm water, sanitary water, and electric lines are relocated, and gas lines and hydronic piping are installed.

August 2020

Utility work is completed.

September 2020

Structural work and building excavation begin for the Dining Center.

March 2021

Steel framing begins for the Dining Center.

May 2021

Work begins on the interior and exterior of the Dining Center, starting with the basement.

June 2021

Work begins on the first floor of the Dining Center.

July 2021

Work begins on the second floor of the Dining Center.

fall 2022

Construction of the Dining Center is complete, and transition to Phase 2, Sharples Commons, begins.

Fall 2022

Construction begins on Sharples Commons, with the renovation of the existing Sharples building.

Spring 2024

Sharples Commons construction is completed in early 2024.