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President Valerie Smith's Charge to John Goldman '71


John Goldman, Swarthmore College Class of 1971, has enjoyed remarkable success in the world of business. But his mission in life goes well beyond his own professional accomplishments. He has dedicated considerable resources to the support of numerous worthy causes in the service of empowering and aiding people in need.

The word “philanthropy” derives from the Greek word for “love of humankind.” John Goldman and his wife, Marcia, are true “lovers of humankind.” While for many, philanthropy is an avocation, the Goldmans have made it not just A vocation but THE vocation. Here is how they are described in a Stanford University publication: “A devotion to doing good is ingrained in their everyday lives.”

In addition to his leadership of the Goldman and Goldman Environmental foundations, John serves on the boards of numerous organizations that combat illness, inspire young people, assist the elderly, promote the arts and education, and preserve our increasingly fragile environment. This is true devotion to human kind — philanthropy at its best.  

John, your generosity is exemplary and is steeped in the traditions of Swarthmore’s founders. Thank you. And now, upon the recommendation of the faculty, and by the power vested in me by the Board of Managers of Swarthmore College and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I have the honor to bestow upon you the degree of Doctor of Business.