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In Memoriam

Please reflect on our deceased classmates and share your memories of them both during and after college. (NOTE: If several memories are received for the same classmate, we may need to edit for length.)

  • Stanley David Adamson
  • Deborah Poole Bhattacharyya
  • Steven W. Bourn
  • Steven A. Delibert
  • Patricia Machol Dominus
  • Jonathan I. Fagin
  • Devin Vaughn Fitch
  • Jonathan D. Freudenthal
  • Robert E. Hawkinson
  • Katherine J. Heller
  • Shelby Fiske Hoffman
  • Constance Donal Hoover
  • J. Douglas Klafehn
  • Marjorie Anne Klenin
  • Michael Kortchmar
  • Linda Dunbar Kravitz
  • Mildred J. McIntyre
  • Barbara Ann Miller
  • F. Douglas Redefer
  • Sally Sue Robinson
  • Colston R. Stewart III
  • Marianne Lanfer Tate
  • Stephanie Fantl Troyer
  • Linda Vough
  • Lawrence E. Zuckerman