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Academic Program

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The interdisciplinary curriculum of Tri-College Asian American Studies is designed to help students develop an understanding of Asian American experiences, histories, and cultures. The program offers a course minor that can complement any major in the arts amd humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Students can minor in Asian American Studies by completing six courses across three fields during their four years at Swarthmore. The three fields include:

a) Asian American Studies "Core" Courses
These can be found in the course catalog as ASAM.

b) Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
Select courses from BLST, EDUC, ENGL, and LALS are eligible.

c) Transnational/Global Connections with Asia
Non-language courses from ASIA are eligible.

To complete the 6 course credits, students should take at least 3 Asian American Studies Core Courses, at least 1 comparative race and ethnic studies course, and 1 transnational/global connections with Asia course, with 1 remaining course to be taken in either of the first 2 fields. The total 6 courses should cross over 2 divisions of the College. The program co-director is happy to discuss any combination of courses with you.

Students are encouraged, though not required, to take courses across the Tri-College (including Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges) to fulfill these requirements for the minor. Only one course counted towards TriCo Asian American Studies can count towards the student's major or other minor. Only one course taken abroad can be used in fulfillment of the minor, in consultation with the program co-director. We prefer that no more than 2 courses are taken in a single department towards the Tri-College Asian American Studies minor, and we can accept up to 2 courses to overlap with a students' major. Any exceptions to these guidelines must be discussed with the co-director.