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Lee Frank Lectures

Poster from 2019 Lee Frank Lecture

An endowment by the family and friends of Lee Frank, Class of 1921, sponsors a special event each year : a visiting lecturer or artist, a scholar or artist in residence, or a special exhibit.

Past Lee Frank Lectures:

  • 2018–2019
    Roberta Wue ’85, Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine
    Amoy Chinqua/Chitqua: On Imagining the Chinese Artist in 18th Century London
  • 2016–2017
    Deborah DeMott ’70, Professor of Law, Duke University
    Disavowed Art
  • 2015—2016
    Elizabeth Sutton, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Northern Iowa
    Mapping Colonization and Decolonization in the 17th Century and Today
  • 2014—2015
    Daniela Bleichmar, Associate Professor of Art History and History, USC
    The Legible Image: Translating Pictorial Knowledge in Early Colonial Mexico
  • 2013—2014
    Julia Bryan-Wilson ’95, University of California at Berkeley
    Cecilia Vicuna & the Problem of Thread
  • 2012—2013
    Susan Walker, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University
    Renovating the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford
  • 2011—2012
    Ken Tadashi Oshima, University of Washington
    In-between Space: Constructing Modern Architecture between Japan and the World
  • 2010—2011
    Julie Nelson Davis, University of Pennsylvania
    Reading The Mirror of Yoshiwara Beauties, Compared
  • 2008—2009
    Keith Eggener, University of Missouri.  
    Settings for History and Oblivion in Modern Mexico, 194258
  • 2007—2008
    Rachel DeLue ’93, Assistant Professor of American Art, Princeton University.  
    Painting as Translation, or Seeing and Knowing in the Art of Arthur Dove
  • 2006—2007
    Louise Allison Cort, Curator for Ceramics, Freer Gallely of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
    A Japanese Potter's Study Trip to Edo: Ceramic Research and Development in the 17th Century
  • 2005—2006
    Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw, Associate Professor of American and African American Art, University of Pennsylvania
    Imagined Subjectivity:  Portraits of the Past in Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum
  • 2004—2005
    Joseph Rishel, Senior Curator of European Painting, PMA
    Latin American Art 1492-1825:  Making an Exhibition
  • 2003—2004
    Ingrid Schaffner, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
    The Dream of Venus Dreams On: Salvador Dali's Surrealist Funhouse and Contemporary Art
  • 2002—2003
    Matthew Biro ’83, University of Michigan
    Raoul Hausmann's Revolutionary Media:  Dada Performance, Photomontage, and the Development of the Cyborg in Germany
  • 2001—2002
    Susan Sidlauskas, University of Pennsylvania
    Cezanne's Significant 'Other': The Portraits of Hortense
  • 2000—2001
    Bonnie Yochelson ’74    
    The Story Behind Berenice Abbott's Changing New York
  • 1998—1999
    Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, University of Delaware
    Delacroix's Late Works:  Between Aesthetics & Consumerism
  • 1997—1998
    Angela Dalle Vacche, Emory University
    Italy 1945:  Cinema and Painting
  • 1996-1997
    Maxwell Hearn, Curator of Chinese Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Possessing the Past:  Treasures from the National Palace, Museum,     Taipei
  • 1995—1996
    Joanna E. Ziegler, College of The Holy Cross
    Dance, Film, & Gender:  Retrieving Historical Women
  • 1994—1995
    Christine Poggi, University of Pennsylvania
    "Vito Acconci's Bad Dream of Domesticity"
  • 1993-1994
    Wendy Steiner, University of Pennsylvania
    Construing Mapplethorpe
  • 1992—1993
    Richard Martin, Fashion Institute of Technology
    Fine Arts and Finery Arts: An Inquiry and an Odyssey
  • 1991-1992
    Robert Storr, Museum of Modern Art, NY
    ...that was then, this is now--modernism, post-modernism, and post po-mo...
  • 1990—1991
    David Freedberg, Columbia University
    Naming the Visible: Art and Science in the Circle of Galileo
  • 1989—1990
    Alison Kettering, Carleton College
    The Courtship Paintings of Gerhard ter Borch
  • 1988—1989
    Linda Seidel, University of Chicago
    Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait:' Business as Usual?
  • 1987—1988
    Meredith Claussen, University of Washington
    The Department Store: Development of the Building Type
  • 1986—1987
    Shen Fu, Freer Gallery, Smisthsonian Institution
    The Mongol Princess Sengge as a Chinese Art Collector
  • 1985—1986
    Dale Kinney, Bryn Mawr College
    An Excellent Horse: Critical Understandings of the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius from Antiquity to Modern Times
  • 1984—1985
    Elizabeth Johns, University of Maryland
    Thomas Eakins and Nineteenth Century Heroic Ideals
  • 1983—1984
    Kathleen Weil-Garris-Brandt, New York University
    Raphael and Cinquecento Sculpture
  • 1982—1983
    William Heckscher, Rare Books, Princeton University
    Egogenesis: Fundamental Change as an Essential Ingredient in the Formation of Genius
  • 1981—1982
    Joanna Gottfried Williams, University of California, Berkeley
    The Non-Finito in Indian Sculpture
  • 1980—1981
    Wanda M. Corn, Woodrow Wilson International Center (Smithsonian)
    The Birth of a National Icon: Grand Wood's American Gothic
  • 1979—1980
    Svetlana Alpers, University of California, Berkeley
    Looking at Words: The Representation of Texts in Dutch Seventeenth Century Art