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Policy (internal): Employees needing software accommodation

  • ITS has added a category under Accessibility in the ticketing system for “Software”
  • The ADA Compliance Program Manager is currently the person who makes sure employee accommodations are being met.  Going forward the ADA Compliance Program Manager will request that a ticket be opened under Accessibility > Software
  • Once the ticket is opened, a copy will go to members of the ITS employee accessibility team.
  • ITS will purchase the software - this process will take between 1 and 6 days (depending on how we purchase the software)
  • ITS will charge back to ADA Compliance Program Manager's account for the purchase
  • Help desk will assist as needed with the software install/setup and we are allowing 1-4 days for this happen.
  • We are striving to have employees up and running within 10 business days of the receipt of the request.
  • There is one exception to our 10 day goal:
    • When an employee’s current computer or operating system (OS) is incompatible with the requested software additional time will be needed to purchase new hardware and/or install OS updates.
    • In cases where only the OS needs to be updated we anticipate an additional 5-10 days.   
    • When a purchase is involved there may be an additional delays as we are wholly dependent of the manufacturer turnaround time.