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Advising meeting

Each entering student is assigned an academic adviser based on academic interests and abilities the student indicates in his or her enrollment information. Academic advisers help students select the courses that will give them the best liberal arts education possible. In order to help students choose programs tailored to their individual abilities, interests, and needs, advisers discuss high school performance, interest in study abroad, experimentation with new fields of study, long-range career goals, and possible interest in graduate study. Based on this information, advisers work with students to design a program of study which is sufficiently broad and challenging but not overwhelming.

In addition to helping students select courses, advisers typically also help students adjust to college life and support them along their academic journey. Goal setting, time management, balancing academics with other parts of life, adjusting to the academic rigors of Swarthmore College, are just some of the topics advisers typically discuss with students to help them achieve and maintain success at Swarthmore.

At the end of the sophomore year, every student is assigned an adviser in his or her major department. After the transition to the major adviser, the basic expectations of the relationship remain the same, with the added benefit of an adviser who can specifically mentor the students in their chosen field of study.

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