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Spring 2023: Bryn Mawr

Registration-IDCourse NameInstructorMiscDays and TimesLocation
SPANB216001Intro lingüística hispánicaBerard, Kaylea BlaiseClass Nbr: 2393 CI;MW 01:10pm-02:30pm

Spring 2023: Haverford

Registration-IDCourse NameInstructorMiscDays and TimesLocation
LINGH101B001Introduction to LinguisticsLillehaugen, Brook DanielleClass Nbr: 2282 Lim: 25 ; Hav: HU, B, ATTh 10:00am-11:30am
LINGH113B001Introduction to SyntaxPayne, AmandaClass Nbr: 2281 Lim: 25 ; Hav: HU, QUS, BTTh 01:00pm-02:30pm
LINGH114B001Introduction to SemanticsPayne, AmandaClass Nbr: 1406 Lim: 25 ; Hav: HU, QUS, BTTh 11:30am-01:00pm
LINGH115B001Phonetics and PhonologyChandlee, JaneClass Nbr: 1407 Lim: 25 ; Hav: HU, QUS, BMW 02:30pm-04:00pm
LINGH228B001First Language AcquisitionChandlee, JaneClass Nbr: 2284 Lim: 18 ; Hav: SO, BMW 01:00pm-02:30pm
LINGH260H001Linguists as Partners in Language WorkLillehaugen, Brook DanielleClass Nbr: 2781 Hav: SO, BW 08:30am-11:00am
LINGH282B001Structure of ChineseHuang, ShizheClass Nbr: 1408 Lim: 16 BMC: I; ; Hav: SO, B, ATTh 11:30am-01:00pm
LINGH295B001Seminar in Syntax: Zapotec SyntaxLillehaugen, Brook DanielleClass Nbr: 1570 Hav: HU, AT 01:30pm-04:00pm
LINGH399B001Senior Thesis SeminarChandlee, JaneClass Nbr: 1412 Lim: 15 ; Hav: HU, B, AF 11:00am-01:30pm

Spring 2023: Swarthmore

Registration-IDCourse NameInstructorMiscDays and TimesLocation
LING00101WIntroduction to Language and LinguisticsFuller Medina, NictéCRN: 27120 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 26 DIST: SS, WTTH 11:20am-12:35pm
Science Center 104
LING00102WIntroduction to Language and LinguisticsDonovan, MichaelCRN: 28195 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 18 DIST: SS, WTTH 09:55am-11:10am
Trotter Hall 301
LING00501First-Year Seminar: How Children Learn LanguageDonovan, MichaelCRN: 28818 ENR LIM: 12 CUR ENR: 7 DIST: SSTTH 01:15pm-02:30pm
Trotter Hall 315
LING01101American Sign Language IDrolsbaugh, MelanieCRN: 28449 ENR LIM: 16 CUR ENR: 13 DIST: SSTTH 08:30am-09:45am
Lang Center 112
LING01201American Sign Language IIDrolsbaugh, MelanieCRN: 27415 ENR LIM: 16 CUR ENR: 9 DIST: SSTTH 09:55am-11:10am
Lang Center 112
LING01401Old English/History of the LanguageWilliamson, CraigCRN: 28822 CUR ENR: 2 DIST: SS
Eligible for MDST.
Cross-listed with ENGL 014.
MWF 11:30am-12:20pm
Lang Perf Arts Ctr 301
LING02501Sociolinguistics: Language, Culture, and SocietyConrod, KirbyCRN: 27923 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 10 DIST: SS
Cross-listed with SOAN 040B.
Eligible for ESCH.
TTH 02:40pm-03:55pm
Pearson Hall 006
LING03301Intro to Classical ChineseRidgway, BenjaminCRN: 27122 ENR LIM: 12 CUR ENR: 2 DIST: SS
Cross-listed with CHIN 033.
TTH 01:15pm-02:30pm
Kohlberg 330
LING04001SemanticsO'Leary, MauraCRN: 25270 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 18 DIST: SS, W
Cross-listed with PHIL 040. Eligible for COGS program.
TTH 09:55am-11:10am
Kohlberg 116
LING04501Phonetics and PhonologyDockum, RikkerCRN: 25845 ENR LIM: 35 CUR ENR: 11 DIST: SS
Eligible for COGS program.
TTH 11:20am-12:35pm
Trotter Hall 201
LING05001WSyntaxConrod, KirbyCRN: 21257 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 13 DIST: SS, W
Eligible for COGS program.
TTH 01:15pm-02:30pm
Trotter Hall 303
LING06301Supporting Literacy Among Deaf ChildrenNapoli, Donna JoCRN: 28821 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 4 DIST: SS
Cross-listed with THEA 033
Eligible for ESCH.
M 01:15pm-04:00pm
McCabe Library 306
LING06801Structure of KyrgyzWashington, JonathanCRN: 28450 ENR LIM: 20 CUR ENR: 6 DIST: SS
Eligible for ASIA.
W 01:15pm-04:00pm
Pearson Hall 115
LING07301Computational LinguisticsWashington, JonathanCRN: 27922 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 9 DIST: SS
Eligible for COGS, ASIA, & ESCH.
Cross-listed with CPSC 013.
TTH 09:55am-11:10am
Clothier 016
LING08201Sociolinguistics IIFuller Medina, NictéCRN: 28820 ENR LIM: 12 CUR ENR: 5 DIST: SSTTH 02:40pm-03:55pm
Trotter Hall 203
LING09001Advanced Research Methods in LinguisticsDockum, RikkerCRN: 25268 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 3 DIST: SSM 01:15pm-04:00pm
Lang Center 106
LING09401Rsch Proj:CRN: 25941 ENR LIM: 5 CUR ENR: 0
See Dept Admin Asst to register.
LING09402Research ProjectCRN: 28688 CUR ENR: 0 DIST: SS
LING108A01Time in Language.O'Leary, MauraCRN: 28819 ENR LIM: 25 CUR ENR: 4 DIST: SS
Eligible for COGS program.
TTH 02:40pm-03:55pm
Kohlberg 116
LING19901Senior Honors StudyCRN: 20166 ENR LIM: 5 CUR ENR: 0 DIST: SS
Credit range .5-1.
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