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Course Details

Course TitlePerformance and the Global Body
SemesterSpring 2019
Registration IDFMST04801
DepartmentFilm and Media Studies
InstructorCortez, Cesar Ignacio
Times and DaysW 01:15pm-04:00pm
Room LocationKohlberg 328
Course Info

This course explores technologically-mediated performance across a range of contemporary media such as art cinema, animation, tv, and virtual interactive platforms. From a transnational perspective, students will be introduced to the notion of performance through theories of film acting, cultural self-presentation, and embodiment. By paying close attention to how specific technologies mediate affect and sensation, we will trace how different performative practices challenge bodily norms linked to questions of citizenship, gender, and desire under globalization.

Miscellaneous Info

Course Record Number: 27119
Enrollment Limit: 20
Current Enrollment: 4
Distribution: Humanities

Eligible for ESCH.

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