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Course Details

Course TitleStructure of Chinese
SemesterSpring 2023
Registration IDLINGH282B001
InstructorHuang, Shizhe
Times and DaysTTh 11:30am-01:00pm
Room LocationHLL112
Course InfoClass Number: 1408 This course is designed to acquaint students with both the syntactic and semantic structures of Mandarin Chinese and the theoretical implications they pose to the study of natural language. Students will have an opportunity to further their understanding of linguistic theories and to develop skills in analyzing a non-Indo-European language systematically.; Enrollment Limit: 16; Prerequisite(s): At least two of the following: LING 101, 113, 114, or consent of the instructor. Priority to seniors and juniors. (Knowledge of Chinese is NOT required.) Div: I; Social Science, B: Analysis of the Social World, A: Meaning, Interpretation (Texts) (; Hav: SO, B, A)
NotesClass Nbr: 1408 Lim: 16 BMC: I; ; Hav: SO, B, A
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